Meet the CFNA Executive


Aimee Falkenberg

Aimee Falkenberg is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, graduating with distinction from the University of Victoria.  Aimee lives and works on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

Aimee is the Central/North Island Forensic Nurse Examiner Program clinical coordinator and she is also a front-line forensic nurse examiner on the team she leads. Aimee is a clinical consultant for the Forensic Nursing Service at Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH), consulting on thousands of cases thus far in her career. Aimee has led hundreds of forensic examinations since the beginning of her career in 2008 and has provided expert witness testimony within British Columbia's Supreme Court and Provincial court system. She received her SANE-A certification in 2011 and remains current in her certification. 

Aimee has been innovative in her career by developing projects that directly impact the patient and their ability to find the service they need. Aimee co-created a four-part miniseries Forensic Nursing video as well as launched the very first virtual health mentorship project to reach her rural community forensic nurses and to be able to provide key clinical mentorship and support. 

Aimee began working on a Human Trafficking toolkit with the Human Trafficking Team at SMH after a grant was provided to the team by the Ministry of Justice. “Help Don’t Hinder,” an online toolkit, was launched in British Columbia being available to all healthcare providers. 

Aimee is the lead instructor for the Forensic Nurse Examiner Core Education FSCT 7840 course at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), as well as the lead instructor for FSCT 7850, 7851 and 7856, respectively. 

Aimee is a mentor and educator in the field of forensic nursing, including presenting nationally and internationally and has found this to be a highlight in her career. Aimee is extremely passionate about a community of practice approach and thrives on building relationships and working with those who share the same passions.

Ayren Drebett is a Registered Nurse with Remote certified practice in British Columbia. 

Ayren completed her BScN at the University of Victoria. 

Ayren currently works and lives in Sechelt, BC as a Public Health nurse and Forensic Nurse Examiner.  

In Sechelt Hospital, she has helped set up and maintain the Sexual Assault program. 

Ayren's past nursing career has involved working in many emergency room departments, primary care clinics, rural nursing stations, and with BCCDC.  

Ayren feels strongly that the Forensic nurse's role is so specialized and vital within the Health Care system, as it offers a voice to those who may stay silent.  

President Elect

Liz Louden

Membership Coordinator

Roohi Bhullar

Roohi Bhullar is a Registered Nurse in Alberta, working as a Nurse Consultant/Complaints Officer with the Protection for Persons in Care Unit under the Government of Alberta Ministry of Health. Roohi’s role includes receiving reports of abuse from organizations and the public, initiating investigations, and receiving and reviewing evidence/findings to develop draft decisions for the Statutory Director to determine if allegations of abuse are founded or not founded and then assist the Statutory Director to provide facilities/organizations with directions to help prevent incidents from occurring in the future.

Prior to this role, Roohi shortly worked in public health and other forensic nursing roles, including as a Forensic Nurse Examiner and Forensic Community and Liaison Nurse in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Roohi is also one of the Co-Founders of a registered charitable organization called Girl to Girl: Young Women’s Empowerment Group. In 2015, Roohi developed this organization as she strived to create a safe and supportive network of youth who are empowered to make a difference in their community while building valuable leadership skills through project management at an early age. 

Prior to nursing, Roohi worked as a Public Educator at Saffron Sexual Assault Centre, training and presenting to students, parents, and professionals across Alberta. In this role, Roohi presented to over 25,000 Albertans. These initial experiences ignited a passion and desire to work with survivors of violence. 

Siobhan Bell

Dr. Siobhan Bell is an experienced nurse and academic in Ontario. Her experience with healthcare started even before graduating from nursing school. Siobhan was immersed in the world of healthcare before nursing school as both a Personal Support Worker and a Unit Administrative Assistant (unit clerk). Siobhan grew through this work experience to love caring for people and their families. Since graduating with her nursing degree from York University (BScN, hons.) Siobhan was determined to experience everything in nursing that would help her make a difference for patients and families. This goal led to nursing work in a variety of environments. Siobhan worked the next decade in a combination of roles in community nursing, long-term care, and critical care. Through this experience, Siobhan discovered Forensic Nursing.  This led to working as a Forensic Nurse Examiner for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse. Part of this work led Siobhan to understand the intersecting issues with mental health and overall wellness. This led to an education in psychotherapy and private practice for psychotherapy specializing in trauma (SA/DV/Healthcare Professionals Trauma and a sub-specialty in neurodivergent brains).  Siobhan is also the founder of the not-for-profit Professional Nursing Association: Nurse Psychotherapy Association of Ontario.

Nursing experience combined with an academic career has given Siobhan a health-systems view of healthcare. This led to a Master's Degree in Nursing from Charles Sturt University with a focus on utilizing technology to deliver education to promote access and decrease barriers. As a way to advocate and support more healthcare professionals and patients, Siobhan also became a nurse entrepreneur as a consultant for professional practice, forensic nursing, education and navigator for health systems. 

Siobhan's academic experience as a professor of nursing with various post-secondary institutions and multiple positions as program coordinator for nursing and personal support worker programs; has given Siobhan a well-rounded view of the post-secondary educational system to add to her knowledge of the health system. This includes the many ways our system fails to address access to healthcare for our most vulnerable populations. Through a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP), Siobhan explored utilizing technology (telemedicine) to decrease the time to care for post-sexual assault survivors in accessing forensic nursing care in Rural Northern Ontario.

Within both her academic and healthcare experience, Siobhan is a self-professed tech geek. She loves learning about new technology to help deliver education more inclusively, comprehensively, and creatively. Healthcare technology is another love with the focus on delivering more comprehensive, quality and safe healthcare to patients while supporting healthcare staff in meeting patient needs. Her healthcare, academic and leadership experience have ensured that Siobhan remains a lifelong learner in pursuit of more knowledge.