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CFNA Membership Benefits

Benefits to a Membership with CFNA &  AFN: 

The Academy of Forensic Nursing is a source of education, networking and resources in the discipline of forensic nursing!  Join CFNA and AFN and experience the best of Canadian and American Forensic Nursing with the opportunity to network with hundreds of professionals and even more opportunities to engage in professional development. Here are some of the benefits of an AFN + CFNA Membership:

2024 Membership Cost 

Membership Year: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Regular Membership fee: $75.00

(VOTING Member: Regulated Nurse - licensed to practice in Canada - You will be asked to submit your license number)

Associate Membership fee: $40.00

(Non-Voting Member: All other members)

Student Fee: **FREE** 😄

**NEW**DUAL MEMBERSHIP FOR CANADIAN NURSES with Academy of Forensic Nursing (AFN) (Must have a Canadian Nursing License).

Regular Membership fee: $75 (CFNA) + $75 (AFN) = $150 CDN

Associate Membership: $40 (CFNA) + $50 (AFN) = $90 CDN

Student Membership: $FREE (CFNA) + $35 (AFN) = $35 CDN

US AFN Members: if you are joining CFNA as an associate, and wish to use the dual membership discount, please see your AFN membership message for the promo code to join for $25 CDN.